‘Laura Cherry’s collages present found images as metaphorical dramas, made up of poignant psychic and physical processes. With their directly opposing elements and heightened perception, they…deliberately delete and reconfigure finely selected visual elements… The poetic void, where the eye shifts and reads what is or is not there, questions our perceptions.’

Heidi Wigmore, a-n, May 2011

In this work, reproduced images are investigated as individual, and sometimes three-dimensional objects. The consideration for this activity is to understand and reveal the potential for an image to act as a catalyst for involuntary memory, to summon a fragmented narration or a ‘past ready for narration’. Meaning is extended or the potential for meaning revealed, to varying degrees of familiarity. The suggestion of a movement within what is actually static is often crucial.

The works seem temporary, with the potential to be changed or to collapse made obvious by revealing the methods of their construction. The frail and flawed illusions my actions produce causes them to appear almost futile. The element of futility is made more apparent by the outer field of vision in this space: the real can always be seen, it surrounds the imagined and threatens to engulf it.